Authenticate to Azure DevOps using Managed Identity and REST API

How to add a managed identity to Azure DevOps and get access tokens for Azure Devops

This one is very short and sweet - how to authenticate to Azure DevOps using a Managed Identity. This can be done from a virtual machine, Azure Function, or any other Azure service that supports Managed Identities. Usually when we authenticate to Azure DevOps we are stuck using a Personal... [Read More]
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Tools You Should Know: ScubaGear

Developed by CISA, ScubaGear is an assessment tool that verifies a Microsoft 365 (M365) tenant’s configuration conforms to the policies described in the Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) Security Configuration Baseline documents.

Welcome to the first post in the series “Tools You Should Know”. In this series, I’ll go over some of the tools and services that I’ve found useful in the past. The focus will be on Microsoft 365 and Azure, but I might look to expand with other cloud providers... [Read More]
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Automating Security Monitoring - Part 2: Automation

A look at automating alerts and incident-handling.

Let’s get straight to the point; security monitoring is the process of consuming data, analyzing it and detecting malicious activity, then handling that malicious activity. There are more factors at play that will influence some of your decisions: [Read More]
Tags: Microsoft Sentinel, Automation, SOAR, Security Monitoring, Security Automation Orchestration and Response

Automating Security Monitoring - Part 1: Data

A look at how to get started automating security monitoring (or just stuff in general).

Lately I’ve been presenting a few times on the topic of automation and in particular for security monitoring to combat alert fatigue. One of the most important parts of this is the automation part. It’s not so much about security or security monitoring, but about teaching what automation is, what... [Read More]
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