Hi, I’m Truls. Early 30’s security architect/engineer with a love for automating everything I can.

As of 2022 I’m also a Microsoft MVP in Security, which is pretty neat.

This website is just my own personal notes, if it helps someone else that’s a bonus. Feedback always welcome.


Feel free to reach out regarding any questions you might have about security, automation or anything related to careers in IT in general. I’d usually say “ask someone else first”, but if you want you can.

I rarely check my mail, so SLA is around 0.005% - but I should be pretty easy to track down on LinkedIn and various security discords.

Disclaimer: This is my personal site and content is my own. Views or opinions expressed does not represent employers, institutions or organizations I am or have been associated with, unless explicitly stated. If I redistribute work from others I will to my best effort give appropriate credit.