Practical Hacking GitBook

chryzsh and I wrote this book about learning to hack, a step most people dread taking, in the simplest way we could think of.

Using - a fantastic platform for boot2root and other types of challenges, you can learn tools, tricks and meet people working to improve their technical skills. It’s a great stepping stone for something like Offensive Security’s Certified Penetration-tester (OSCP).

The GitBook itself splits into 4 different chapters or parts if you’d like

Part 1 - How to hack

A methodical approach to hacking invidiual boxes, mostly by using automatic tools.

Part 2 - Hacking manually

Taking the step beyond automatic tools to get an understanding of what hacking really is.

Part 3 - Web hacking

Introduction to the vast world of of web hacking.

Part 4 - Privilege escalation

Goes deeper into the subject of escalating privileges.


Please direct feedback either by contributing to the Git (there’s a section in the book about contributing) or DM us on twitter.